Toilets of Ikaria

Womens Cooperative – Raches

For a reason we never discovered, many toilet seats in Greek bathrooms are either missing or stored separately from the toilet itself.

Toilet BouBoukakia
Public Toilet Evdilos
Public Toilet – Evdilos
Evdilos Public Toilet
Evdilos Public Toilet #2

Evdilos Squatter

We’re pretty sure that somewhere in town, there is a nicer bathroom they reserve just for German tourists.

Toilet Mounte Monastery
Mounte Monastery

Don’t be fooled. This is actually a decorative piece of art in the shape of a toilet.

Aleko Rooms Toilet
This is our bathroom and shower stall for the winter.

Pictured on the right is the tiny receptacle for disposing of all waste paper. A good deal of Greek plumbing problems are caused by tourists who forget about this and clog up the pipes.

Theoktistis Monastery

Pine needles are not as easy to pee on as you might think.

Old Forest Potty Tree
Ranti Forest

Thank you, Old Forest, for humbly accepting our donation.

Cape Fanari
Cape Fanari

Flashing Samos!

Potty Seychelles
Seychelles Beach – trail

We wish we had this view from our bathroom at home…

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