Cats of Ikaria

Cat On Amphora

There are very few indoor cats in Magganitis. People throw food to feral cats for part of the year, but when many of the Ikarians leave the village for the winter, the cats must fend for themselves.

Black Cat

Cat In Dumpster
The dumpsters of the village are not packed with restaurant food like city dumpsters, but they sustain the cats from week to week.
Unhealthy Cats
Feral cats struggle with infections, scratches and other health issues.
Cat Sisters

We met these two sisters when they were tiny kittens, only about a month old. They were malnourished, as was their mother. All are infected with parasites, get ticks regularly, and have bouts of diarrhea frequently. We have been feeding these cats for about two months, and they are well on their way to adolescence.

Sister #3, who hangs out up the hill at Lambros’s house.

This kitten, who is a little smaller than her two sisters, was the first to contract cat flu as a baby, and may have had her growth stunted. Cat flu is rampant in feral cat populations, and can be serious in kittens.

Cats Alekos Studios
The whole family.

Cat of Nas

This cat is about to sneak into the kitchen of this taverna to look for food. When it gets kicked out, it comes begging to us. When that doesn’t work, it contents itself with eating a fly.

Cat Puddle
Cat puddle
Mustafa Roaring
Mustafa, “roaring”

This enormous cat, named Mustafa, hangs out at BouBoukakia. He can look big and sometimes intimidating, and clearly gets into a fair number of brawls, but he’s perfectly friendly toward humans.

BouBou and Mustafa
BouBou and Mustafa
Mustafa with Olives
Mustafa guards some freshly picked olives.
Lounging Cat
Mustafa’s rival

This cat, though also sizable himself, is smaller than Mustafa and is considered lower on the dominance chain. He spends most of his time hanging about BouBoukakia meowing for attention and provoking Mustafa.

Cat Drinking
The local watering hole
Cat Asleep
In Greece, naptime is sacred
Cat Washing
Making a hairball
Washed and ready for action!

Cat In Tree

Roof Cat
Yet another cat, similarly colored, which tends to prowl along the roof of BouBoukakia waiting for food.

Roof Cat

Roof Cat

BouBou with friendly cat
BouBou may love cats more than anyone else in the village.

BouBou is the only person we know of here who not only feeds the feral cats, but also gives them worm medicine every few months and removes their ticks.

BouBou pointing out cat worms
FriFriko, BouBou’s one indoor/outdoor cat

BouBou claims to have once owned 44 cats. Though she now feeds several feral cats, the only cat she allows inside is this large orange cat named FriFriko.

FriFriko’s favorite chair
Cafe Cat
The cat at Cafe Pantepoleion

Every cat has its spot in the village. This cat hangs out at Cafe Pantepoleion and is affectionate with absolutely everything, whether it is alive or not.

Cat and Latria
The cat’s newest friend – a dog named Latria
Cat and Latria
The cat wants to play all day long

Cat And Latria

Cat watching
One of the many orange cats in town

Cat Sniffing Hand

Cat on Roof

Orange Cat Leaning

Cat Christinas

Orange Pallet Cat

Cat With Short Ears
The only cat in town with short ears
Pirate Cat
Pirate Cat
On the Prowl
On the prowl
On the Prowl
Don't take my picture!
Don’t take my picture!

Mad Cat
I mean it!
Black Cat
Staring contest

Black Cat

Street Cats
Here, there is a particular sound that people make -like loud whispering- to call cats when they have food for them. If you make this sound in the middle of the street, all the cats from the whole area will come running toward you.
Cat gang
If you have no food for them, they will still hang around and sometimes follow you for several blocks, hoping for a morsel.
Cat in Tree
In the winter, it becomes easy to see all the cats in the trees.

Cat in Tree

Tree Cats

Little White Kitty
Our favorite cat of all

We call this kitten “Little White Kitty.” He is an exceptionally tiny cat and does not appear to be growing much at all. He is the most affectionate cat we’ve met here, and purrs non-stop. When we feed him, he is more interested in being petted than eating food. Sometimes we have to stand out of sight while he eats so he doesn’t see us and lose interest in the kibble. When we leave home, he frequently trots after us happily, following us to wherever we are going and waiting outside the door until we’re done – not because he’s hungry, but because he likes our company. This has gotten him into trouble with some of the bigger cats who “own” the territory he wanders into when he follows us. He doesn’t seem cut out to be a feral cat, and we hope he survives after we leave next month. We love you, Little White Kitty!

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