Seychelles Beach

Road to Seychelles
The road from Magganitis to Seychelles beach.

In general, Ikaria is not known for its beaches. However, Seychelles beach, which is only one to two miles from the village of Magganitis, is thought to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. When the tunnel to Magganitis was created, a landslide opened up access to the beach.

Magganitis Outskirts
The outskirts of Magganitis as we leave town on foot.
Recycling Station
Just outside town, the recycling station for Magganitis.
Fig Weed
Figs grow like weeds through cracks in the sidewalk.
Beehives sit amongst the boulders on the hillside.

Ikarian honey has a reputation for being some of the purest most flavorful honey in the world. Due to the rocky landscape of the island, there is no agricultural farming here, and pesticide residue is therefore not a threat for the bees, which forage year-round on the island’s unique plant nectars.

Road to Seychelles
Looking back at Magganitis in the distance.
Seychelles Trail
On the trail heading down to the beach.
Seychelles Trail
Looking back up toward the top.
Hole in a rock
A hollowed out boulder.
Wild Thyme
Wild thyme grows on the sunny slope down to the beach.
Small anthill
Small anthill.
Seychelles Trail
Still going down.
Seychelles beach access
Beach access? This wasn’t in the brochure…


The waters at Seychelles beach are a rich turquoise color.


Seychelles Pebbles
The beach is made up of polished light-colored stones that sparkle with quartz crystals and are blindingly white in the sun.
We don’t stay long, after realizing the tide is coming in quickly.



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