First Visit to Agios Kirykos

Agios Kirykos Port
Our first view of Agios Kirykos, the capitol city of Ikaria. The population here is between 3000 and 4000 people.

We finally have a rental car, and the freedom to travel now. We are less thrilled when we realize that it will cost the equivalent of $150 to fill up our tank on the island.

Agios Kirykos Port
Agios Kirykos Port.

Pedestrian area

Agios Kirykos Street
Town center.

Town Center

We visit a sweet shop and buy chocolate, as there is none available in Magganitis.
And some cookies for good measure.
Grocery Store
A real luxury – an actual grocery store!
Spice Shop
A spice shop sells many locally gathered herbs and teas.
Agios Kirykos Cats
We stop to eat souvlaki and gyros. A large group of cats gathers around our table, hoping for a scrap of meat.

Yes, the middle cat is blue. It may have gotten too close to a paintbrush.

Agios Kirykos Cats

Agios Kirykos Church
The blue dome of “Agios Kirykos” church, seen from afar. Agios Kirykos is the patron saint of Ikaria and the namesake of the island’s capitol.
Bad Road
The road from Agios Kirykos back to Magganitis is somewhat treacherous, with rockslides, hairpin turns, goats, sheer cliff faces and Greek drivers.



Goat on the Road

Bad Road
Every so often, part of the road falls off the side of the cliff. After that, the lanes are just narrowed to conform to the new space.
Road Memorial
Not everyone makes it home.
The road that was built from Agios Kirykos to Magganitis in 1985 connected the small fishing village with the rest of the island. This tunnel, close to Magganitis, was bored through solid granite. The tunnel is also what allowed Magganitis to finally receive electricity.
Coming through the tunnel as we approach Magganitis.

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