Thanksgiving in Ikaria

Duncan and Laura
Duncan and Laura Finch, the American couple responsible for our Thanksgiving feast in Magganitis village.

Duncan and Laura are living in Ikaria with their twin sons, Huck and Max. They are renovating Laura’s great-grandfather’s beautiful house in Magganitis.

Huck and Max.

Having recently moved from Atlanta to Magganitis, which has no more than 150 permanent residents, the boys are still adjusting to small town life, Greek school, and the lack of cheddar cheese.

An appetizer that Laura and the boys have made: bread toasted in olive oil, served with homemade hummus. On the right, small meatballs made with fresh herbs such as mint.

Laura and Duncan are hosting Thanksgiving at Kostas’s house because it has a big kitchen. Kostas is pictured on the right in the photo above. He is a retired ship captain and has many stories about traveling the world.

Eventually there are twelve people total gathered around the table – about half American and half Greek.
Our delicious meal includes grilled chicken, steak, mushrooms, broccoli and carrots, scalloped potatoes, salad, and copious amounts of wine.
Thanksgiving Cherries
No one could find cranberries anywhere, so we put out a jar of preserved sour cherries instead.
The Greeks are happy to see the tzatziki sauce on the table.
Thanksgiving Group
Here we all are, minus the boys.
Thanksgiving Pies
There were no regular pie shells to be found. Huck and Max made these two wonderful apple pies out of filo dough instead!
Whipped Cream
We even have whipped cream!

Even before we serve our food, Duncan tries to explain to the Greeks that in America, many people eat Thanksgiving dinners quickly and then fall asleep in front of the television.

Sure enough, five hours after the meal started, all but one American has gotten tired and left. The Greeks are still going strong and the wine is still flowing!

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