Magganitis Village / Part III

I had no idea that the starving cat I’ve been feeding was a mother. She brings her three kittens with her one morning to get breakfast.
Kittens eating
Cat food goes on the grocery list sooner than expected.
Roula Patio
Time to visit Roula, or “Bou-Bou,” as she’s called by townspeople.
Close to our room, Bou-Bou has a little store called “BouBoukakia.”

BouBoukakia is an eclectic and colorful space: groceries are shelved amongst knick-knacks of all sorts – beach stones in bottles, shells, ceramic figurines, family photos, and plants. Bou-Bou also serves food here, but the grocery/cafe keeps informal hours in the winter, so it’s best to call ahead.

Roula Pation
On Bou-Bou’s patio, plants and beach rocks fill every nook and cranny.

Roula patio

Bou Bou Rocks
Painted stones are a signature element of Bou-Bou’s space.
Seychelles Swim
The sunny warm days are dwindling, so we seize the opportunity to go for a swim.
Matthew swimming in the Aegean Sea.
Magganitis Coastline
Seychelles is not the only beach near Magganitis. Within town, there is rumored to be another beach called Firodi.
Magganitis Coastline
We set off in search of Firodi Beach.
Magganitis Coastline
This turns out to be the wrong road.
Magganitis Coastline
What this photo does not show is us getting lost in an olive grove and injured by an olive tree.

We are told by a local that during this time of year, olive tree injuries in Greek hospitals increase exponentially.

Magganitis Coastline
This looks like a beach entrance.
Ferodi Beach
We have the beach to ourselves.

Ferodi Boulder

Ferodi Cave
A narrow cave.
Ferodi Beach
Matthew watches small sea creatures by the shore.
Ferodi Beach
We find shells, broken rosary beads, and the ubiquitous plastic debris that now adorns the world’s beaches and oceans.

Rusty door

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  1. To Hannah and Matthew
    Have the Best of the Best with Health and Happiness from this New Year!.. and for Ever!!!…..

    Greetings from Palos Hills I’ll
    From Δάσος Μαγγανιτη..

  2. Hello thank you for such a lovely blog i am french live in Bulgaria in spring and summer would like to spend the winter partly in Ikaria do you know a place i could rent for end December to February for a reasonable price i love old houses i do not drive, i speak Greek lived in Syros for 9years ,, I did not find info on thermal baths on ikaria??? Thank you so much sorry to impose on you but you look so knowledgeable and
    such a pleasure to read you. Francoise.

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